Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Mini Class

I have 12 kits available.  Cost will be $30.00 with a $5.00 discount for FOLLOWERS.  Will be taught in my home in the Creative Cutter Room 1140 E. Diamond Way(10050 so.) Sandy.

Date: Friday October 15th
Time:  7-9pm
Please Pre-register by posting a comment or sending me an email
I have only 12 kits available.

Snowman Card...brr!

This card was made using K& Company holiday paper stack &  Cricut Cartridge Winter Frolic page 32 Button #5 with layers.

October 8-10

I have had a couple of Cancellations for this Retreat if anyone is able to attend on these dates the Deposit has been paid and the Balance of $100 would be your only cost.  Please call or email right away if you are interested.  Our theme is Nursery Rhymes and we have some fun new Cartridges in the Library that you will want to check out.

The winner is.....

Talk Time Tuesday Cricut Markers winner is Kristina.  My 5 year old picked your name out of the bucket-Congratulations!  Thanks so much for leaving a comment.  Email me your contact information.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talk Time Tuesday: Working with Page Kits

I have often been asked how to fit ACTUAL pictures into the kits that I design??  I create most of my kits to fit standard sized pictures and they do sometimes require cropping-but I had the pleasure of watching some of the ladies at my most recent Retreat actually fill in the squares and personalize my kits.  Lawana was kind enough to let me photograph her Personalized Page and I loved  it so much I thought I would share it.  I try to design my kits to fit a variety of styles and I was thrilled to see some of my kits were put into USE this past weekend.  If anyone wants to share some of the ways they have altered a kit or reworked a layout to have it suit their needs please share it with a comment. I'm sure it would be helpful and may help us ALL get more use out of those kits we love to buy!!!!

Their trip to see The Beach Boys & Car Show

Monday, September 27, 2010


One more day to post a comment for your chance to win Cricut Markers. See last weeks Talk Time Tuesday.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Kits for Sale

You and Me $7.00
A Boys laugh $7.00
In the kitchen $7.00
Songbird $7.

September 23-25 Retreat

These ladies came with some definite goals: and they created some BEAUTIFUL layouts.  Our theme was Holiday Cards so we kicked off the card giving season with a quick and easy Christmas Card(pictured above).  We had some great Home Cooked Favorites including Spaghetti & Apple Pie.  Margaret's cooking was Delicious as usual and she had our mouths watering long before we hit the dinner table.  We cropped, we talked, we watched Iron Man & The Proposal and listened to Adam Lambert's new CD.  A FUN and Productive Retreat.  Carla you almost had me wanting to make Digital Layouts-your pages were amazing!  I was really blown away by how organized this Group was--they churned out some incredible pages and I think a few of them even reached Personal Best Numbers!! ;)  Thank you Angie for giving us an excuse to eat Chocolate cake-yummmmmm.  Please share your Birthday with us again.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breaking News.......

My work is going to be Published in a Scrapbooking Magazine called
Scrapbook News & Review  
I will be in the issue that will be released in November there will be a link to this magazine on my sidebar if you would like to check out the publication.  I am so incredibly excited & honored to have my work selected!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Coffin Mini Album Video

Kit information will be available shortly.

Talk Time Tuesday: Home Remodeling

So my question today is When does it end?????  It seems like as soon as we make one repair or improvement its time for another!!!  Some, I admit, we start by choice like my daughters all switching rooms and of course wanting to re-decorate to suit their style.  Some projects we are forced into-Like the roof leak I developed this past spring that has finally been fixed but has left sheet rock that needs replacing.  Then there's is everyone's least favorite the home maintenance stuff that is always VERY expensive but we know we have to do to avoid other even more costly Repairs.  I am extremely grateful that in these tough times we have managed to hang onto our Home---like the old saying goes it may not be much but at least it's mine--so I am not complaining too loudly it just would be nice to feel like there is an end to all of the little projects that take up so much TIME.  If you have a Home Remodeling Story you would like to share then leave a comment on this post: Good, Bad or Ugly I'm sure its something we can ALL relate to.  I will choose a Random person from among the comments to receive  a Set of Cricut Markers: Sophisticated Color Combo.  Winner will be posted next week on Talk Time Tuesday.

Monday, September 20, 2010


It's a Monday so I thought I would post a Layout to remind you to SMILE!

Back to School Challenge

This is the Layout I created for the paper TrailMakers Challenge Blog.  As you can see my Baby Kylee started school looking as cute as can be.  The papers from Trail Makers are soooo cute and not easily found here in Utah.  Check out her store for lots of new product there is a tab on the sidebar with a quick link. Hopefully all of you have started to scrap those wonderful First Day of School Memories!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Draper Retreat in November Update

I have had requests to offer this Retreat as a 1 day as well as 2 day Retreat.  Click on Retreat Dates to updated information on Retreat Cost for Draper Fairfield Inn Retreat.

Elko Weekend!

I'm taking the show on the Road sort of speak!!!  I've been asked to Teach my Cricut & Gypsy Classes to my Creative Cutter Friends in Elko, NV and I am sooooo excited to take my first ever Out of State field trip.  I will be hosting an All Day Swarm at the Elko Library on October 23rd.  The Swarm will include Cricut Beg-Advanced Class, Gypsy Class, we will make a card, two page layout, magnet, vinyl project and we will be glass etching as well.  Lunch is included along with a Cartridge Giveaway!  There are still 3 seats available  so anyone in Elko wanting to join the fun please email our organizer Peggy

Coffin Mini Album

This Mini Album was created for a Swap on Your Paper Pantry's website.  I LOVED making it soooo much I will be offering this as a Mini Album Class & also as Kit w/Video late this month or Early Oct.  Cost will be $30 for class & $35 for Pre-Cut Kit w/Video.  Followers to my website receive a $5.00 discount!  Dates & Times not set yet but I will have LIMITED Quantity.  The Coffin box is made from Cardstock and is my own design & the Chipboard Mini will be exactly as pictured the only difference will be the Paper Line used.  I have found a NEW paper line that is embossed and available in greater quantity then the papers used in this Sample.  I will post pictures of the new paper when Date & Time have been determined.  Those wanting a Kit w/Video will be able to order one after the Class.  Hope you like it!!!

Fit to Length Example

Fun and Easy Card-not just for Halloween Anymore!

New Cartridges

Here are the titles to the 3 new cartridges coming soon.

Birthday Bash, Nifty Fifties, and Shall we dance?(cricut circle exclusive).

I also wanted to let all of you know that  I have created a comprehensive list of all Cricut Cartridges seperated into categories Like:  Font, Images, Classmates, Seasonal(with Year released), Cake, Lites, Imagine, and Solutions.  I am trying to stay more organized for the upcoming Shopping---I mean Holiday Season!!!  I plan to highlight the cartridges I own and then give this list to my husband and let him know anything NOT highlighted is on the wishlist for Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Your a Wonderful Wife Day---you get the IDEA.  I am still learning how to make this an attached page to this website but until then if you are a FOLLOWER to this website I will mail or email you the PDF file just let me know how to best send it to you.  Happy Cutting! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Talk Time Tuesday: TEENAGERS

I recently had a class in my Creative Cutter Room(Home Studio)  and the ladies that attended were AWESOME.  One of the things that came up was a young mom asking for advice from the group about raising teenagers.  Some of us in the room have teenagers--I myself currently have 3 and a pre-teen--so it came as no surprise that this age group can pose a CHALLENGE to a Mom's patience.  So the question got me thinking(dangerous I know)  Scrapbookers in general are a great group to GO TO for advice---right???  We are mostly Women, Mothers, Grandmothers, Daughters, Wives, Sisters and as a group we've done it and seen it all--so why not pass along some SAGE advice to those that need an online shoulder from time to time.

Here's what I want to do.  Instead of posting just projects, products, tips and class info what if I set aside a day each week where we can TALK to each other (via comments in the Creative Cutter Room) about our Challenges, Triumphs, and more importantly our Experiences in Life.  We scrapbook these things so we are already use to sharing them in way.  Hopefully what we share will help someone even if its just to let them know they are not alone!!!

For our first ever TALK TIME TUESDAY  I will post the same question my student had.  What can you share about teenagers???

Here is what I've been thinking about--When did staring at your Mother with a blank "You are so clueless" look become an acceptable response to a question?  My 16 & 14 year old daughters often respond to my question "What were you thinking?" in this manner!  I find that rather than try to sit down with them to have a heart to heart about any problem they are having if I suggest "Let's go for a ride"  that the lines of communication just flood open with all kinds of insight into WHAT THEIR THINKING.  I guess if we don't actually have to LOOK at each other it becomes easier to Talk to one another.  Go figure.  I hope you will all share some advice, tips or an amusing anecdote about what works for you.  Then we will do this again next Tuesday with a new Topic.  Oh and if you want to suggest a Topic just post it here or email me if you want it to remain private.

Cartridge Totes

These Totes hold 72 cartridges out of the box and there is room to place books & keypads either in the center section or in the 2 zipped pockets between cartridges.  You can also hold your gypsy, paper, glue, tool kit and room for plenty of Cricut Items.  I have posted these before, but I've been asked to do an update.  There is a new Brown Leather Option that I thought some of you may want to see.  All of these colors match The Expression Totes and would be great Christmas Wish List item.   I LOVE my Bags and its great to go to a crop with your coordinating Cricut Items.  By the way the PINK Tool kit fits nicely with the Brown/Pink and the Green/Pink sets.

Price for leather ones is $60.00 price for canvas is $50 there is no shipping & handling if you pick up.

Midnight Crop

Hello Ladies-

I know its been awhile, but its that time again.  For those of you that can make it to another Creative Cutter Room Crop please put October 1st on your Calendar.  We will start at 4pm to midnight.  Feel free to bring Potluck.  Cost is only $5.00 and includes use of supplies in the Creative Cutter Room.  I have some new very cute, very comfy padded chairs for 4 and the regular padded folding chairs for 4.  Book early to get a comfy one!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cutting Craft Foam with Your Cricut

Here is the video I hope you have FUN cutting Holiday Shapes in Foam with your machine!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Breaking News.......

Your Cricut CAN cut crafty foam!!!!   Yes I am tired--but not  I'm not delusional.  I finally decided to sit down and finish my Coffin Album and knew the perfect embellishment would be some foamy letters(in purple).  I did not want to run to yet another craft store for the 100th time this week so I decided to PLAY with my Cricut.  Lo and Behold SUCCESS.  I know your on pins & needles but rather than explain it I will film a video tonight and post my EUREKA (no pun intended retreaters) moment Tomorrow.  So that all of you Cricut fanatics have time to run to the craft store today and buy your favorite color crafty foam and be all set to cut away tomorrow.

HINT:  Works best if your a Gypsy owner but will work if your not.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The winner is.....

The winner of the Fancy Pants stamp set is B&Angie.  Congratulations-let me know how you would like me to get your acrylic set to you.

Also I would like to award the Tombow marker set but I have received no emails telling me if you have had friends sign up as followers.  If you have had your friends sign up just email me so I can award the Marker set.

Thanks ladies for all of the positive buzz-We increased our Followers from 52  to 80  your the BEST!!

The winner of the Cricut tool kit was chosen Randomly from among all of my Followers and the winner is Shirley!!!  Shirley please email me whether you want the Pink or Black Cricut Tool Kit and your address so I can mail you your prize.  Congratulations thanks for being a Creative Cutter Follower!!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cruise Roommates

I have another request for a roommate for the cruise.  This person is ready to book but needs a cabin mate.  Please email me your contact info ASAP if you would like to be matched up.

We have a lady looking for a roommate for your cruise.  Can you post something on your blog/facebook to see if anyone else needs a roommate?  She is a 61 year old non-smoker.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Layering Workshop in Orem

My friends from the Orem Roberts store have asked that I teach a layering class to help explain some of the tips & tricks I have learned in working with the more difficult shapes of Cricut.  Let's face it we ALL LOVE DISNEY, but these cartridges take some patience to put together.  I have created a Layering Workshop where I will share some of the tools & tips that help me complete Disney and other layered shapes.  I have a sample of the two cards we will create in this Workshop that will be held in the Orem Roberts store on Saturday September 11th from 11-Noon.  Cost is $10.00 and will include the supplies needed to complete both cards and a short discussion on Layered Projects.   Hope to see some of my Orem Friends there.

Paper Roses

I showed some ladies at a past Retreat these fantastic flowers I found online for very little money.  I am so impressed with the quality-and I can't even believe the price.  For just a few dollars you will get quality roses in all kinds of sizes.  This website is  if you click here I have enabled a link so that you can check out  this business.  The product comes from Thailand but the shipping is very very reasonable and the packaging is impeccable.  Everything is carefully wrapped and there is always a nice little gift with personal note from the owner Bunma.  I am a small business owner and I know how important word of mouth advertising is so please show this small business your support---I guarantee you will not be disappointed.  I love their product and think all of my scrapbooking friends will also.  I have posted pictures of a couple of my recent purchases.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Simply Charmed

Just got this cartridge in---working on a small project tonight will post in the morning.  I also did some shopping for a diaper bag Gypsy Project I will be making for my new niece or nephew rigby to be born in about 7 months.  Can't wait to share it soon--I am also working on a mini album in a coffin(this is a project I am making for a swap)so I will have to wait until it is delivered before I can post the details.  I have had such great comments on this one that I will likely make this a class.  Lot's of fun projects in the works so just bare with me a couple of days until I can get in the swing of recording & posting.  Vacations are nice but catching up not so fun--and this is expo weekend so I hope to see many of you there--please stop by and say hi friends!!!!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fancy Pants Stamp Set

Remember to post a comment on the Welcome Anne post for your chance to win the Little Star Acrylic Set. We will choose a winner on September 10th.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Over 10,000 Hits

Wow! I can't believe it--Thank you Creative Cutter Friends!!!! I'm glad there are items you like to see on this website.  Keep the questions & requests coming I would love to give you more projects to view & comment on.

Joyce & Friends Retreat

Well there has been a rumor spreading for some time that Joyce-one of our Retreat's repeat solo customers-has some friends????  Well on August 27th we were able to meet them ourselves (yes she does have friends after all).  This FUN group of ladies joined us in August for our Treasure Found retreat and they were Super Friendly and we had LOTS of LAUGHS.  I'm ashamed to admit this is the first time I have driven a group to drink with my Challenge Project, but as you can see from the pictures below they rose to the occasion with some FANTASTIC Creations!!!!!  The food was superb as usual---Thank You Margaret---and we survived the 70mph winds that were swirling around outside.  It was another relaxing, creative, enjoyable Retreat.  Thank you Joyce & Friends for your wonderful personalities it is my pleasure to call you Creative Cutter Friends!!!

4-6 Photo Challenge

This is the layout I submitted to the (paper)Trail Makers Challenge blog this week.  Be sure and check out the website for more great ideas from The Design Team on how you put 4-6 pictures on a layout.  My favorite part about making layouts that my boys are part of is finding a way to hide the journaling.  They hate when others can read the "mushy" stuff I put on their layouts.  This challenge project shows just one of the ways I hide my journaling on a page-and from time to time a picture or two.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Expo Weekend Fun!

I will be at the local Scapbook Expo USA this year on September 10th & 11th hope I run into some of you there.  I will be leaving Friday evening for a short bit to teach my Halloween Mini Album and to choose a winner of my new Giveaway!!!!  I will randomly choose one of my FOLLOWERS to win a new PINK Cricut Tool Kit as mentioned in an earlier post.  These tool kits are fantastic for anyone working with Vinyl but also they are great all around tools for use with Cricut or Scrapbooking in General.  Good Luck to ALL of my Followers this is my way of Thanking you for all of your Support of my many ventures!!!!

Cruise Price Reduction

The price for a Creative Cutter Cruise has just gone down.  Check out the link on the sidebar to get new updated prices.  For you ladies that have already booked your invoice will be adjusted and your balance due will look better :)!  Don't forget to make deposits by September 24th.