Saturday, October 30, 2010


One of my students from Provo came over to work on his Vinyl Project for Halloween.  Gordon's Birthday is on Halloween and he shares his fun with his neighbors by decorating his Lawn with some unique home made creations.  As you can see from this Vinyl project on REAL Granite-he has some very creative ideas!!!  This was alot of fun to work on-don't you just love Cricut & Vinyl!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spooky Layout

I created this layout for Cooking with Cricut Challenge #3 Not so Spooky Halloween

(I used Plantin & Happy Hauntings Cricut Cartridges)

The sponsor this week is Regina from Cutting Cafe.  Her website has some fantastic Digital Stamps & Cut files that are so much fun to use.  The downloads are quick & easy and so incredibly cute.  Be sure and check out her site with the link above.  Also join the fun on the Cooking with Cricut Blog for your chance to win 3 stamps from The Cutting Cafe.  Have a Happy Halloween!!

Is it time for Christmas yet???

Well some of you know that I'm a Christmas Fanatic!  I was born on Christmas Eve and I think its affected my mind.  I've seen snow now so I'm ready.  I'm going to break out the sweaters, pullout my warm fuzzy slippers and start working on the Christmas Project Ideas.  I have a couple mini's in the works, along with a new calendar and a cook book.  Lots planned so please check back regularly.  For my first project I have a simple layout with Santa.  I'm calling it simply Christmas (you can add Time, Traditions, Memories) to the title to personalize.

Hope you like it.

Frankie lights up my life!!!

I created this Frankie using a clear plastic paper clip box and crepe paper.  I used my Gypsy to make his hair so that it would wrap all the way around box lid, cut white vinyl eyes and a stitch mouth and stitches above his eyes.    Just put in a blinking  light and this cutie is going in the window on Halloween.  For anyone interested in the boxes I have a whole bunch.  Cost is $1.50 plain $2.50 decorated as Frankie.

New Cartridges

More new cartridges coming-I will post pictures soon as possible.

I am working on some Christmas items to post soon and I will also post some other fun Halloween items on Saturday.  

If you haven't heard the news PC has also made a Cricut Cake Mini.  Its more affordable and just the right size for cupcakes and mini projects.  JoAnn's got some in stock this week if you have to have one soon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Road Trip Video-Elko Swarm

Whenever Cricuts gather you have a Swarm and this past Saturday I was holding a Cricut Swarm in Elko.  I took my friend Anne and we had too much fun.  Here is a glimpse.

New Cartridges

Here are some new ones to look out for:  Don't forget to get your updates.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Elko Nevada

Greetings from Elko, Nevada
Had a lovely time at our Cricut Swarm Today!!!!!!!  These ladies were the best--Peggy was awesome and so well organized.  The food was great the Texas Caviar Debbi made was soooooo tasty-I will try to see if she will share a recipe with us.  Peggy's chicken chile with homemade roles was so delicious and the perfect dish to take off the chill in the air.  Wanda made such a delicious salad that not a crouton was left!  We made a Fall Hello Card, Covered a mini composition book for our Cricut Notes, laminated book marks, had a few giveaways, learned to cut vinyl, etched a glass candy jar, made embossed foil embellishments, cut fun foam shapes, made acetate shapes, learned to use cricut markers, and even managed to take home some fun Cricut  Homework projects.  All in just 8 short hours!!!!  I love my Elko Friends!!!!!!
Be sure to tune in next week for some funny road trip clips and pictures of the FUN GROUP.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Talk Time Tuesday-Time Management

Since there is no chance any of us will get more than 24 hours to use in a day-let's share some advice for getting the most out of your day.  Many of you SUPER WOMEN out there are taking on 2-3 maybe more roles on at once, and find very little time for yourselves and your hobbies.  As the Holiday Season approaches our creative side gnaws at us just a little more than usual and our kids are starting to have Fall Recess, Winter Recess and other miscellaneous breaks from school that use up even more of our spare time.  So what ways have you found to help you BE CREATIVE or BE REJUVENATED???  Post a comment and share with us how we can all get through this holiday season feeling like we managed our time well.

Many of you know that sleep is a BIG issue for me (or should I say the lack of sleep is a big issue for me) and I would never suggest anyone try going with less sleep.  I would however recommend when possible going to sleep just a bit earlier at least once a week so that you can get up just a bit earlier the next morning and enjoy the peaceful sound of your home before the rest of the family wakes up for their day.  You would be amazed how uplifting an hour to yourself--to read a book, make a card, bake a box of ready mix muffins or take a walk around your block can be.  My husband invited me to "get some air" last night after dinner--and I can't tell you how nice it was to take 3 steps out my front door-sit on our park bench- and listen to the wind through the leaves of our tree.  Even though the rest of the day felt like a scramble those 10 minutes to just sit and breathe made the day end on a restful note.  (By the way our kids thought we were so weird to sit out front that they left us alone for those 10 minutes!)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Gypsy Info

New information from Provo Craft--Gypsy owners please review the following:

Buy and register a Gypsy by Cricut by October 31 and receive 6 free cartridges downloaded to your Gypsy – including the exclusive, all-new “Smiley Cards” cartridge (and don’t forget about Gypsy Wanderings and Gypsy font cartridges that come pre-loaded on the machine).
Free cartridges include:
Smiley Cards (new and exclusive to this promotion)
Tags, Bags, Boxes and More (not available in retail)
Christmas (not available in retail)
Blackletter (not available in retail)
Printing Press (not available in retail)
Indie Art (not available in retail)
All current Gypsy owners included! Simply register your Gypsy prior to October 31, 2010 and get access to all downloads. Register at
Downloads will be available through a special update to your Gypsy starting November 1st.
New Gypsy cartridge downloads are easy! Just connect your Gypsy to your computer and you’ll automatically be prompted how to start. In just a few steps, you’ll be able to download all six cartridges containing thousands of images! And with Gypsy, you’ll have all the cartridge artwork and keypad overlays on your Gypsy screen, so there’s no actual cartridge, handbook, or packaging.

This is all I know so far.  If your Gypsy is already registered it sounds like you need to do it again to get access to these downloads.  For those that own & have linked the now discontinued cartridges listed--still make the attempt to re-register your Gypsy to get the new unreleased Smiley Cards.  I will keep you posted when I know more.

Sweet Treats

I have a great Halloween Decor idea recently created by Creative Cutter Wendy.  She used some of the Cricut Halloween Carts to make these fun Treat Bowl Signs.  Try some as part of your Halloween Decorating this year--they are sure to be a HIT!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Scrapbook Outlet

 One of my Scrappy friends just posted the following info on Facebook:

To all my scrapbooking friends... Denise and I found a scrapbook outlet in Woods Cross. Everything in the front of the store was 20% off, everything thing in the back was 40% off and all Halloween was 55% off. The store had tons of new things, lots of doodlebug and paper galore! It is Scrapbook Clearance Outlet 544 W 750 S

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pink Xyron 1.5 Special

I have these Pink Bow Xyron's for a great price if anyone is interested.  You will receive the 1.5 Create a Sticker Xyron in the shape of a pink ribbon and 5 Refills.  The cost is $25.00 for the entire kit.  I only have a couple so let me know right away if you want one.  These are only available for pick up sorry no shipping.

Cooking with Cricut

I've known this for a little while but had to wait to share it with you all! I'm part of the amazing Cooking With Cricut Design Team.
We'll be sharing cards and projects that contain cutting files and digital images created by Melin. There is a talented group of ladies that have created some beautiful projects so be sure and check them out.

In honor of the Sweetest Day-- October 16th this weeks' challenge is love.  Visit Cooking with Cricut's site today for a chance to win a $10 Gift Certificate.  I designed this page with her cute Dancing Mice and images from Cricut Cartridges: Tie the Knot & Sweethearts.  I used the DCWV Black Currant paper stack for the paper and made a Celebrate Love page for wedding pictures.  Hope you like it!

Updates for Imagine/Gypsy Coming

These updates will be available on October 18th.
Gypsy/Imagine Update (PHASE 1 COMING OCTOBER 18)
1. Edge to Edge printing (Imagine only update)
- Full bleed (may leave a small boarder on your paper depending on how well it is aligned)
- Overspray: this will print just beyond the edge of the paper leaving a bit of ink on your mat which can easily be rinsed out with warm water – this assures a full bleed.

PHASE 1 Gypsy/Imagine Compatibility
1. Allows you to cut your classic Cricut Cartridges with Cricut Imagine using Gypsy (no printing using Gypsy, yet)
2. Cricut Imagine and Gypsy bug fixes: this will be standard with most upgrades to ensure you have the best experience with your machines.
3. No special Gypsy design features with Imagine content (like welding, stretching, etc.), just yet.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The winner is.....

Hello Friends---sorry this is late in posting.  We held our drawing from among all those that posted comments the last two weeks and our TOMBOW Marker set winner is

TANYA....please email me your contact information so I can get your markers to you.

 Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments--your support and enthusiasm makes the hours on the computer worth it!! Happy Cutting :)

Cricut Search

We were talking this past weekend about a great new website that helps you locate a character , shape and even sayings form your Cricut Cartridges.  This website is called:  Cricut Search and I will post a link button on the sidebar so you can access quickly.  I've had great results-hope it helps you with your crafting projects.

New Layouts

Created this weekend:

October 8-10

A Tisket A Tasket
A Green and Yellow Basket...Well we had green & blue goodie baskets for our Nursery Rhyme Themed Retreat

 The challenge project involved just a few embellishments, some nursery rhyme paper and a little basket the ladies could decorate.  As you can see they all created some adorable versions.

We had a Fun & Enthusiastic group of 10 ladies that joined me for this Getaway and boy did we have fun.  Movies, Bubble Baths, Peace & Quiet, Fantastic Meals, oh yeah and scrapbooking--lots and lots of scrapbooking.  Everyone had project goals they were working to complete, we had 3 chances to win prizes( two of which Denise won: challenge project & Grand Prize) and a SUPER Mom Susan that raced back to Roy at 6:00 am to watch her kids play soccer before joining us again and sneaking in some much needed relax time.  Some enjoyed a glass of wine to relax, some picked up a good book or took a nap in the middle of the day, and we all enjoyed the movie Letters to Juliet &and let's not forget the peaceful surroundings.  As you can see the weather was great and best of all we have a Group that will remain friends long past this weekend!  Thank you ladies for the friendship & the Fun---I can't wait for your return for Molly's Birthday Party in June!!l


Lower Rates on the Creative Cutter Cruise 5/7/11.
Great news...Cruise & Crop has lowered your cruise rates.  Cruise rates have been adjusted to $100 - $150 per person less than your original rate (Applies to 1st/2nd passengers only).  The rate decrease was based on which category you booked.  We will be sending out new confirmations to everyone showing the changes. 

     In some cases, your insurance also went down.  When necessary, we've issued refunds.

     If you had paid in full, a refund will be issued by NCL within 7 business days.

Thinking of upgrading?  Since the rates are so much lower, why not upgrade!  Oceanview cabins start at just $449 pp, Balcony cabins start at just $819 pp.  Give us a call if you are interested.

Bring a Friend!  Have your friends & family been thinking of going on this cruise with you?  Now that rates are lower, maybe they will join you.  Encourage them to book soon before rates go up.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Gypsy Sale

I received an email saying Gypsy is on Sale this week at Michaels for $150.00.  If you don't have this great tool this maybe when to get one!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Halloween & Christmas Gift Idea

I created these blocks last year for Roberts but they make such a Cute & Easy gift idea for the Holidays that I thought I would share them again this year.  I used different Acrylic Stamping Blocks, Modge Podge, Patterned Paper & Vinyl.
Any size block is fine-My craft store had a wavy edge Acrylic Block with grid lines.  As you can see the lines don't really affect the look but if you prefer clear ones those come mainly in square or rectangle shapes.
Cut your patterned paper and Modge Podge to the back of your block.  Add another coat of Modge Podge to the back to seal the paper to the block.  If you want to add a photograph then I recommend using a color copy printed on regular copy paper or lightweight cardstock.  The photo paper tends to be a little too bulky and does sometimes discolor.  For my photo block I simply matted the picture with cardstock and the created a mini layout that I then glued to the block.  Once your paper or picture is on and dry--Use your Cricut to cut letter, shapes, flowers, flourishes, anything you like to decorate block from the front.  You can also use a clear wet glue to attach bling or paper flowers.  Most blocks are nice and thick and will stand on their own for a great Home Decor item.  My Halloween block had grooves all the way around so I added ribbon and bow to hide them.

Talk Time Tuesday-Happy Birthday

Momo (Made by Momo blog) is having a 10 day birthday celebration leading up to her ACTUAL Birthday on Sunday.  She is posting some really great giveaways & projects that you will want to check out.  I have donated a Black Tool Kit that she will be giving away this week.  This got me thinking that even though its a day late the subject for Talk Time Tuesday would be BIRTHDAYS.  Do you still celebrate them?  What is your best B-Day memory?  How do wish you could spend them?  I LOVE my Birthday--its Christmas Eve and I celebrate all month long--its so nice that the rest of the world celebrates with me decorating their homes-putting out lights to celebrate and making everything so shiny & cute!!!  My hubby starts with the gifts a week or so before and at our house we call it Mom's Birthday week.  He is AWESOME isn't he!  It's no secret that I LOVE Christmas-I love SNOW-I LOVE the whole CRAFTY mood.

I hope you like the card I made for MOMO  and I hope she is having lots of fun on her 10 day celebration.  She is so sweet to be the one giving the GIFTS.  I made a step card using Bazzill Cardstock & Chloe's Closet paper by My Mind's Eye.  The measurements are below for creating your own Step Card.

Use 5.5 x 8.5 Bazzill Cardstock
Score at 4 1/4 and Fold
Open Fold & Turn longways.
Then Score at 3.5 inches.
On the Score line move trimmer blade up to 1 1/4 and cut from that point to 6 1/4
Turn your card and Score from 1 1/4 mark to the cut line
                               Score at 2 1/4 mark to the cut line
                                Score at 3/14 mark to the cut lilne
From the opposite end Score at 2 1/4.
Fold all score lines creating steps on only one side of card.  The other side will make a peak
Cut paper to fit on each section.  You can decorate each step with cutouts, flowers, or Cricut shapes.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Mini in a Box

This project makes a great home decor item that you can display for Halloween year after year.  Kits will be available next week.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Crop Room Change & Contest

I will be at Ladies Night Out at the Orem Roberts Saturday evening from 5-9pm so cropping will end a little early Saturday for anyone coming at Noon.

Can you believe we have reached 100 Followers!!!!  Please post a comment this week on any of the Posts and I will draw out a Random name to win a set of TOMBOW Markers.  Thank you ladies for your support I hope you find future Posts & Projects enjoyable.