Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New Cricut Mats


Light Grip
The long-lasting LightGrip mat allows you to easily cut and remove common office printer paper, vellum, light cardstock, and more.

Standard Grip
The StandardGrip mat offers improved performance for a wide range of mediumweight materials, including patterned paper, vinyl, iron-on, and cardstock.

Strong Grip
The StrongGrip mat offers a strong hold surface perfect for heavyweight materials. It’s our longest lasting mat featuring double life adhesive technology.

Have you seen these beautiful new cutting mats???  I just ordered mine from Cricut.com and I can't wait to play and report back to my Creative Cutter Friends.....this may finally be a solution to the "MAT" problem many of us have had.....mainly that we hate the white bordered imagine cutting mats.  I love the colors of these and the beautiful images are a nice touch.  Provo Craft does listen and when enough of us "SUGGEST" they improve something....I think they listen.  I will post a video sharing my CUTTING ADVENTURES when I receive these.  Thank you to all those that have been contacting me and wishing me well.  Just as an update all is well.....I now have a full time job, along with my 2 business ventures, my 6 kids, 2 dogs, 1 husband, and I am working on the research for 2 more books!  I just got tired typing all that!!  So I will resume posting project ideas & videos as soon as I find a new house (oh yeah did I mention we are selling our home and finding one that I can build a new studio in) and get my studio up and running.  I have really enjoyed meeting many of my loyal followers at the Scrapbook Expo events in California and hope to meet many more in the coming months.  I will try to post some pictures of my travels soon.