Wednesday, January 28, 2015

New Studio Project

I started with two of these 12x16 Canvas' from craft store (came in 2 pack for $9.00 and used a 40% off coupon)
 Bought a couple of baskets on clearance rack for $3.00 each and found the metal piece for $5.00 in the clearance bins (paid $2 for spray paint to change from white to black)
 Wired baskets to the canvas-attached canvas to wall with a piece of wood behind to hold weight of baskets...cut chalkboard vinyl in a fun shape and added to one side-the other side will have dry erase vinyl in same shape and a magnetic frame so can double as a magnetic board also and put the entire piece up to coordinate with my Studio decor.
The baskets will hold flyers of upcoming classes or sign up sheets for classes.  I loved making my own functional decorator piece that matched my style rather than paying $40 plus for a premade piece that would not have been exactly what I want.  Hope this inspires you to make a one of a kind home decor project of your own.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Scene at our House 2014

Our Special Christmas Project

Forgot to post pictures of my Hubby's finished wood project-an Outdoor Nativity-and the waterproof tiles he created from old political signs worked beautifully! The snow just slid off the roof on either side of the Creche and stayed dry. We found these great metal silhouette figures online to use for the entire month but on Christmas Eve we put a ceramic set in the manger. Next year Kyle will make a silhouette of the 3 Wisemen to place next to this and add on each year with wood pieces. Our family loves it and we even had some neighbors drive by to check it out all month long. Hope you remember the reason for the season-we had fun making Christ the center of all of our celebrations this past year.