Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Link your Gypsy to your Cricut Explore

Cricut Design Space™, the online software for Cricut Explore™ machines, is compatible with all images that have been linked to a Cricut Craft Room® account—including images on a Cricut Gypsy™ device. 
If you have already linked your Cricut Gypsy™ to Cricut Craft Room®, all images on it are automatically available in Cricut Design Space™. If you haven’t linked your Cricut Gypsy™ to Cricut Craft Room®, just follow the steps below to do so:
Gypsy Linking
  1. Make sure you have the latest version of Cricut Craft Room installed. 
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Cricut Sync (Download at www.cricut.com/home/support/cricut-sync)
  3. To start the linking process, you will need to update your Cricut Gypsy device. Connect it to your computer and power it on. Cricut Sync will open and you will see an update screen.
    1. You will need to update the Firmware and the Support Content in order to link your Cricut Gypsy device to Cricut Craft Room(do not update imagine unless you own one).
    2. Click on “Update Now”
    3. The update will be complete in about 5 – 10 minutes. 
    4. You’ll be required to restart your Cricut Gypsy device during the process.
    5. At the end of the update, you’ll see a screen showing the update to a firmware version of 0232 and a content version of 0249 or higher.
  4. Close Cricut Sync, but leave your Cricut Gypsy device connected to your computer.
  5. Open the Cricut Craft Room design software and log in.
  6. From the top menu, under “Options”, select “Link Gypsy”. You will see a screen with details about linking your Cricut Gypsy device.
    1. Click on “Sync”. This connects any content from Cricut Craft Room to your Cricut Gypsy device.
    2. Click on “Uplink”. This will upload content from your Cricut Gypsy device to Cricut Craft Room. (If this is your first uplink, you will need to agree to the terms and conditions.)
    3. On screen prompts will notify you when the content uplink is complete.
  7. Click “Close” and the process is complete.
Once your Cricut Gypsy™ has been linked, you can access your images in Cricut Design Space™ by clicking on “Insert Image” from the design screen and using the filter at the top to choose “My Image Sets” or “My Images”. All linked images will display as “Purchased”.
Linking your Cricut Gypsy™ device to the Cricut Craft Room® design software will not affect any projects or cartridges. Once you’ve linked a physical cartridge to your Cricut Craft Room® account or Cricut Gypsy™ device, it will remain linked and will not link to any other device or Cricut.com account. Subscription images will not be added to or available on your Cricut Gypsy device.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Craftsy Experience & Bow Maker Winner

Where to begin....my Craftsy experience was seriously the best thing I've done in my Crafting career!  It all started with an email asking me to consider joining them as a Paper Crafting Instructor......YES!!
When I arrived in Denver-I received the royal treatment from the moment I stepped off the plane.  The Craftsy crew sent a Car Service to pick me up and then after a few hours rest they picked me up again for a Studio Tour.  This is me in front of the logo in one of their Studio Rooms-they have several in a Warehouse in Denver.

I was so excited when my good friend Anne said she would join me on this adventure....what can I say she is the BEST!!! She kept me motivated and calm (I was so stinkin' nervous) and helped me with everything from preparation, inspiration and she even helped me pack so everything would fit......what a friend!!!

We stayed at the Magnolia Hotel in Denver....  Great place and they even had cookies and milk for us every night before bed.......now that is what I call turn down service!

My Beautiful and Sweet make-up artist was Danika....she was amazing...and gave me some great tips about what make-up to use and how to keep the shine factor down......every girl needs Danika!!!

Katie the production assistant was so wonderful-she and Anne decorated the Quilting Studio into a proper paper crafting studio in record time!  It was all so overwhelming to me but she was calm and professional and made everything better...even when she had to run to the store for more supplies!

 I was so nervous and was just praying that I could remember everything I needed to.
This is Max....a behind the scenes look.....he makes sure we switch from camera to camera correctly and will edit the finished product(known as the Switcher).......he was amazing....remembering every detail from what I last said to where I had my hands and every detail of the process....WOW he knows his stuff....so glad he was on my team!!!

Brandon was the Camera Guy (more accurately known as the Shooter)  He was incredible...he helped me stay calm...remember to smile....set up all of the shots...and took detailed pictures of everything I was doing so my students didn't miss a thing.  It didn't hurt that he was a genuinely nice guy...and yes ladies he is single!!

 This team was so professional....so detailed....so wonderful to work with....I feel so blessed!

 This was the first day...waiting to start filming....trying to remember my marks, and instructions all at the same time.....I look scared don't I??
I really loved all of the pampering....what can I say I wish Danika was available every day...she made it all look easy to do....my skin never looked so good!! 
My producer was Kate....she is THE BEST!!  She had an adorable British accent and was so sweet to me.
She made sure everything stayed on schedule and I knew what to say, and when to say it...she kept us on task and managed to make it all fun as well. 
On the last day I finally felt confident and comfortable in front of the camera and then before I knew it....it was all over.  This is my Craftsy crew.....what sweet amazingly talented people that made this Adventure truly memorable.  I feel so lucky to have had this experience.
Now I hope their worldwide audience of Cricut Expression users find my class helpful and educational.
Thank you Craftsy.com!!

If any of my fellow blogging friends would like to be part of promoting Craftsy or my class let me know...they will be sending me links and information on their Affiliate program to pass along.....so just leave me a comment and I will pass it along.

Now for the Perfect Paper Crafting Blog Hop Giveaway

And the WINNER IS........(send me an email with your address to receive your Bow Maker)
April Rogers said...
This is so stinking cute!! Love the triangle pieces and how you arranged and trimmed. Very nice thanks so much for sharing.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Cricut Design Space Image Library Content List-Cricut Explore

Have you been considering whether or not to purchase a subscription to the Design Space Library.  Well depending on how many cartridges you currently own this may be the way to get a good variety of images to use for your future design plans.  
The best way to know if you want something is to know exactly what you are signing up to get, so Provo Craft has provided a list of the cartridges and the images from those carts.